The Community Orchard is a public space for all to enjoy and we rely on the help of volunteers to make it a special place for everyone.

If you would like to get in touch to help out in or with the orchard project, chat about the what we do or come and visit, please contact us!

We run lots of volunteer days maintaining the site, so keep an eye on our ‘Events’ page to join in too.

Comments from volunteers…

‘We have carried out work a variety of work at the Orchard over the last couple of years, helping plant the trees, watering over the summer, clearing grass cuttings and even providing jam for fund-raising.

It is a lovely project to work on as its out in the open air and you see the results of your efforts quite quickly. And it’s a great bunch of volunteers to work with. The results do look impressive with healthy trees, a great play area, bees humming and a handsome Yurt (everybody should have one!). The Orchard group has worked so hard to get it going and make it a success. It is a great community project, initiated, managed and worked on by the local community. It will last for a long time!

We look forward to gathering fruit over the next few years.’

Orchard helpers