Sunday 18th October 1pm to 4pm  (Northaw Transition CIC AGM at 12.30pm)

We are pleased to report that all our plans to make this a ‘Covid – secure’ event have been accepted by Welwyn Hatfield Environmental Health. Measures we will be putting in place include a separate entry and exit flow at the entrance and the compost toilet, providing hand sanitiser and masks if required, taking donations rather than giving change so as reduce handling money, enabling 2m distancing on the field and at stalls, using disposable cups for drinks and providing cakes which haven’t been handled. Most importantly we are allowed 30 attendees at any one time.  Fortunately Ash Field is large and we also have Willow Field to use if necessary while people wait. If it rains we will cancel.

We plan to include

  • hot and cold drinks with cupcakes
  • preserves and plants for sale including winter bedding
  • an RSPB stand and other information about wildlife on the site
  • apple juicing demonstration and display
  • clay modelling making Green Man masks
  • quizzes and games for all
  • poetry recitals (TBC)

Please bring something to sit on if you like. Park at the Orchard or in the Scouts or at Northaw Village Hall and walk.  See you there!

Fund raising campaign

A huge thank you to all of those who supported our recent GoFundMe campaign. In a matter of a few days we raised £1,199 which was amazing. As we are unable to hold fund raising events or let the yurt this year your generous donations will enable us to meet our costs and carry on managing it for everyone. We were really touched by the messages of support we received. At the end of the day this is your Orchard and we are really happy that it will continue to be there for everyone in the community.

work partIEs – A BIG THANKS!

Many thanks indeed to the volunteers who turned at our recent work parties to help out with raking and other tasks. On each occasion we got a lot done and had a really nice time in the process. The hay was raked and moved to the edge of the field, the path into Ash Field was weeded and the wood chip was used to refresh the paths in both fields. The two birch trees in Ash Field were liberated from their tree ties and the grass at the base of the trees was trimmed.  The benches and compost toilet are freshly painted and looking very smart and well done to those tough folk who spent the time pulling nettles!

Orchard Video

A really big thank you to Brigitta Scholz Mastroianni (Nux Photography) who, with Karen,  has put together a fantastic video for us. I’m sure you will agree that the result is stunning and a very fitting tribute to what we have achieved and all the volunteers who have put in the hours there. Do please share this link with other members of our community. Brigitta is a Northaw resident and we are really thankful that she has given her time to us free of charge to produce such an amazing film. To see the video go to this link


Orchard Video

A really big thank you to Brigitta Scholz Mastroianni (Nux Photography) who, with Karen,  has put together a fantastic video for us. I’m sure you will agree that the result is stunning and a very fitting tribute to what we have achieved and all the volunteers who have put in the hours there. Do please share this link with other members of our community. Brigitta is a Northaw resident and we are really thankful that she has given her time to us free of charge to produce such an amazing film.

See our fantastic new video here

Work continues in the Orchard

It has certainly been a strange time over the last few months. We have been very lucky that the Orchard has remained open and has been a place of calm in these troubled times. Work has carried on there, mowing paths and seating areas, pruning trees and thinning fruit and generally keeping both fields an inviting and restorative place to visit. The wildflower meadows have done well with a wealth of butterflies and the trees are bearing fruit in spite of the prolonged drought in the spring and summer months. Now it is autumn and the meadows are cut. There has been a bumper crop of crab apples,  blackberries, sloes and rosehips adding to the autumn bounty.

Life goes on with or without Covid-19

Ash Field June 2020 with colourful knapweed
Wassail Jan 2020 – our last event before lockdown!!
All the usual fun with toast, cider and lots of noise parading around the trees.

Happenings in 2019

 October – Apple Day and AGM
Rain didn’t stop play thanks to the Scouts for the loan of their hut!
Apples from th e OrchardLots of cakes Apple Day 2019
Our own apples and lots of cakes
Juicing!Willow weaving with Mel Apple Day 2019
Make your own apple juice – Cheers!  And weave willow with Mel
You're never too old at 94
You’re never too old to rake hay at 94!
Scything again with help from French Scouts
French Scouts 2019
Tea and cake under the maquee

Happenings in 2018

Thanks to all who attended the Wassail on Sunday, for once it was neither raining nor snowing! We had a good attendance of all ages and everyone enjoyed sitting round the fire, eating, drinking, chatting and singing the Gloucestershire Wassail song to accompanying tambourine (inexpertly played by Jane……) By the time it was dark we were ready to choose a King and Queen of the orchard who led the procession around Ash Field making a good amount of noise and pausing now and then to ‘Hurrah!’ the trees and for the children to hang toast dipped in cider in the branches. Most enjoyable! This ceremony was originally carried out in cider orchards in  the West Country but has now spread all over so we are proud to be part of a long tradition – and its a lot of fun too!

Keeping warm at the Wassail

Keeping warm at the Wassail

Happenings in 2017

Apple Day

Thanks to all who attended our Apple Day on October 8th. The weather was kind to us and it was lovely to see so many folk come and enjoy the Orchard including some who had not been before. Its been a wonderful year for fruit and for the first time we had some apples from our own orchard to taste along with some kindly donated by Forty Hall farm. It was especially great to see so many children, they particularly enjoyed having a go at scratting and juicing some apples and tasting the delicious juice they produced. Thanks to Roger and Isobel for manning that. A big thanks is due to Janet and Brian for the wonderful clay modelling with a variety of Green Men plaques being created by all ages. Also to Pippa for sterling work with Guess the Weight of the Cake, June for her wonderful cakes and Kate and Co. for helping with the clear up. Finally thanks to Ralph and Toni for the loan of tables from the Northaw Scouts.


Apple juicing - Cheers!

Apple juicing – Cheers!

Apple tasting - 13 varieties to try

Apple tasting – 13 varieties to try

Making Green Men plaques in clay

Making Green Men plaques in clay

 Thanks to those who attended Northaw Transition CICs  AGM which was held on October 8th,  the same day as the Apple Day.  It was great to have an opportunity to present a roundup of our news and to formally thank all those who have volunteered this past year. We have recorded 300+ volunteer hours since the start of the year – running the orchard would not be possible without that support.

Haymaking in July/August

After several moths of fine weather it came the time to mow and rake and the showers descended. Trying to find a dry day  for both activities proved testing. But in the end we managed to to the main cut in both fields and with the help of a brilliant gang of volunteers we even managed to rake up the somewhat soggy hay. Thanks to all for your hard work.

The hay making team

The hay making team

Getting stuck in

Getting stuck in

Scything Demonstration and Get Together 

We had a lovely Saturday afternoon on the 22nd July when Nick Edwards came with his trusty scythe and showed us how to cut a meadow in the traditional way. Some of us had a go with varying degrees of success – he made it look so easy! Although it rained a bit we all huddled under the Marquee and Yurt and enjoyed plenty of teas and cakes whilst browsing the bookstall. Scything certainly beats using a strimmer!

Nick Scything

Tea and cake under the maquee

Nick and his trusty scythe

Nick and his trusty scythe

Pruning workshop

Thanks to Dave Smith for kindly donating his time and expertise carrying out summer pruning of the plums in June. We all learned a lot and had an ejoyable hour or two in the lovely weather which brought out a dazzling display of butterflies.

Family Picnic

We had a great turnout for our Easter Family Picnic event. Lots of children and their families from 1-year olds to ninety year-olds came a long and enjoyed the lovely weather! The children joined in activities including insect hotel building, bug collecting and of course, an Easter egg hunt or just enjoyed exploring the field, whilst Mums, Dads and Grandparents just chilled out. A very enjoyable event and just what the orchard is for.

Dancing For the Orchard

A very big thanks to everyone who supported our ‘Dancing for the Orchard’ fund raiser on Saturday 25 March. It was a really great family event with all ages, from 8 to 80+ coming along and enjoying the fun. Gareth and his beautiful harp kicked off the evening with some quieter entertainment so that everyone could have a good chat. This was followed by the brilliant Resonance Band which soon had everyone up and dancing the night away. Thanks to the wonderful musicians, to Pippa for her very persuasive raffle ticket selling, to Donna for her amazing energy in organising and running the bar and to everyone, too many to name, who turned up to set up the hall and helped pack it away at the end. We are so lucky to have such  a great team working for the Orchard. We raised £380 towards improving access to Ash Field – great stuff!

Willow Harvest

A Round up of Activities from 2016

Apple Day

Tasting apples at Apple Day

Tasting apples at Apple Day

.....and cider!

…..and cider!

We had a great turnout for our Apple Day on  October 8th with loads of activities for children and adults alike including apple bobbing and clay modelling (some amazing Green Men plaques produced), colourful lithoprinting, palmistry, face painting and photography,  Nobody escaped the ever popular, Guess the Weight of the Cake! The harp recital in the yurt was especially wonderful and folk also enjoyed sitting round the firepit tucking in to cake, tea and cider. Many thanks to all who contributed and especially for the donations of all those magnificent cakes and to the Scouts as ever for their urn

Village Day at Cuffley

Village Day - rather breezy!

Village Day – rather breezy!

Under the banner, Love Your Local Trees, the Orchard and the Friends of Northaw Great Wood shared a joint stand promoting wildlife, conservation and sustainable living at the Village Day on September 3rd. There was lots of interest and it was great to be able to show what our two organisations do in the Parish

Family Picnic Day


We were blessed with unexpectedly fine weather on Sunday 22 June for our Family Picnic event which enabled us to have a quick whizz round with the tractor and mower before everyone arrived. This was a very enjoyable afternoon.  Lots of children had fun playing games in the open space while the grownups enjoyed tea and cake in the sunshine. There were plenty of cakes to buy as well and an excellent selection of plants for sale which, together with a guided Herb Walk, all raised funds to support the project. Thanks to everyone who donated cakes and plants and to the Scouts for the use of their trusty urn.


Family Picnic Day

Family Picnic Day

A Grand  Day Planting Hedging                                                        

Before Christmas we  took delivery of 750 free native hedging plants sponsored by Brown & Carroll Ltd., a company based in Basildon, through a scheme called Time4Trees. Employees from Brown & Carroll and their associated company ISG,  sportingly came to help with the planting in February along with volunteers from the Friends of Northaw Great Wood. We had lovely weather and a great day putting in hedging along the southern boundary of Ash Field helped by a lunch break at the Two Brewers and the kind loan of the facilities in the Scout Hut  – many thanks to everyone who helped out and also to The Tree Feller Tree Surgery for the donation of mulch.


Our first Wassail

Along with community orchards throughout the UK we carried out a traditional blessing or ‘wassail’ in the orchard on a snowy Sunday evening in January. Traditional wassail songs were sung, and a wassail King and Queen appointed who led a parade around the orchard accompanied by much banging of musical instruments to drive away bad spirits. The ancient custom of hanging toast soaked in cider from the trees followed!Everyone enjoyed warming themselves around the bonfire, drinking mulled apple juice and listening to the gentle sounds of a harp as darkness fell.


Befriend a Tree

Looking for a special present or a unique way of commemorating an event or person? Why not befriend a tree in the orchard.

For a donation of only £25 you can choose your very own tree. In return, you will be updated on its progress and will receive a handsome certificate. Even better, you will be able to sample fruits from your tree each year. We still have over 60 fruit and nut trees to choose from including cherries, plums, apples, pears, cobnuts, quinces and more.

Comments from a ‘Befriender’….

‘Northaw’s Hidden Gem. 

It was a small feature in the Autumn 2015 Update that caught my eye and led to one of the best Christmas gifts ever! Northaw Community Orchard was inviting local residents to befriend a tree in support of the Orchard.  We had recently downsized our home and was missing a large mature garden with several fruit trees and the fruit they produced so a quick call to the Orchard group and £25 was exchanged for a nice certificate confirming that I had (on behalf of my wife) adopted Lane’s Prince Albert apple tree number 13 in Willow Field. A Christmas gift that was well received. Brownie points for me. 

Since then we have had much enjoyment helping with the occasional general maintenance tasks necessary to help the trees establish and keep the Orchard in good order. Tucked away in the valley between Northaw Road West and Vineyards the Orchard is a haven for wildlife and the soul. A unique recreational space for all the parish to enjoy. Take time to visit when you are passing and who knows, you too might be inspired to get involved.’

The Orchard wins an Award

We were thrilled when the Orchard was awarded joint first place at the CPRE Hertfordshire Rural Living Awards in October 2015. Well done everyone!

Hertfordshire Rural Living Awards

Get involved

The Community Orchard is a public space for all to enjoy and we rely on the help of volunteers to make it a special place for everyone. Send us a message or just turn up to one of our events listed on the Events page.