Coming up in the orchard
We have been up to the orchard this afternoon and picked a few of the apples and pears in readiness for Apple Day on Sat October 12th 1-5pm. There has been quite a lot of fruit this year, the first year they have been left to fruit fully so hopefully they will store nicely until the big day. We will be picking off and on until then. We will be having a second hand book sale so if you have any to add please bring them along.
On Sunday Oct 20th, Matt from Hawthorn Heavy Horses is coming with one of his horses to  harrow the fields. This is like scarifying your lawn. It removes the dead grass that builds up (thatch) which prevents the wild flowers germinating and helps to keep the vigorous grasses at bay. At least that’s the theory!. We will also sow some Yellow Rattle seed which parasitises the vigorous grasses giving the finer grasses and flowers a better chance of establishment. It will great to see a working horse there. Matt will be giving a talk and demonstration at 11.30am then will be working for the rest of the day so you are welcome to come at any time throughout the day. (Donations appreciated!). 
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